Announcing and Alerting Summary

Only announce partner’s bid if it is explicitly required to be announced.

Apart from the specific exceptions below, you should alert any artificial bid by partner up to 3NT. For example, the negative 2 response to an opening 2.

Preference bids are not considered artificial.

Opening Bids

Opening Bid Description Announce Alert No Action
1NT Balanced “12 to 14”
2 Acol
2 / 2 / 2 Weak with the suit bid “Weak”
2NT Balanced “20 to 22”

Sequences after 1NT and 2NT Opening Bids

Sequence Description Announce Alert No Action
1NT – 2
2NT – 3
Stayman “Stayman”
1NT – 2 – 2
2NT – 3 – 3
Denies 4 card major
1NT – 2
2NT – 3
Transfer “Hearts”
1NT – 2
2NT – 3
Transfer “Spades”
Transfer completions are not alerted.
(Over a 1NT overcall: Stayman-style 2 and the negative 2 response are both alerted; transfers are alerted but not the transfer completion.)

Doubles up to 3NT

Opponent’s call Meaning of opponent’s call Meaning of your double Alert No Action
A suit at any level Natural Takeout
Artificial Showing the suit doubled
No trumps at any level Any meaning Penalty
Note that doubles of suit bids at the three level are alerted when they are for penalties.

This is based on the EBU August 2013 document, simplified for improvers using BfA Acol with transfers and weak 2’s but not splinter bids.