The Benefit of Transfers Over 1NT

The Benefit of Transfers Over 1NT

This is how responder proceeds with a major suit over 1NT without transfers.

(0-10 point)
(11-12 points)
(13+ points)
4-card Pass

Stayman 2

Rebid 3/3 with a fit,
else 2NT

Stayman 2

Rebid 4/4 with a fit,
else 3NT


(Also 2)



3/3 (forcing)

Opener rebids 4/4 with 3+,
else 3NT

6-card 4/4 directly.

Notice the big gap. Without transfers, the standard system has no way to show invitational hands with 5+ card majors. Responder is left having to decide whether to treat the hand as weak or strong.

Transfers plug this gap.